Artist Series

Jason K Yun X Somewon

Introducing our exciting new collaboration: Brooklyn-based digital artist Jason brings his unique blend of seriousness and playfulness to our casual streetwear collection. With a minimalist graphic style and whimsical flair, Jason's designs have captivated us, and we can't wait for you to experience his artistic touch in our latest artist series.

Jason K Yun

We have really enjoyed working with Jason. The only challenge was to really honing in on what designs to brig to life together.

Let the world know you aren't afraid to steal socks, scratch the couch, and s**t in house plants.

Relax and embrace the leisurely pace. Let the world drift by as you "slither slowly" through summer.

An abstract design of the nature and nurture, all arranged in a whimsical, patterned layout.

Artist Series, Feat: Jason K Yun